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Who knew that the humble Banana offered so many Beauty Benefits for Skin? It’s rich in powerful Antioxidants that make it the perfect addition to your All-Natural Facial Pack

Benefits of using Banana Powder For Skin

Skin Moisturizer
Bananas are great Natural Moisturizers for Skin. The Vitamin A in Bananas restores the lost Moisture & Repairs Damaged, Dull & Dry Skin, making it Soft & Supple

Oil Control
If you’ve got Oily Greasy Skin, use Banana Powder Facial Mask with Lemon Juice and Honey. Banana is a Great Exfoliator that helps slough off excess Sebum on the Skin’s Surface

Anti-Aging Effects
Bananas, contain super Wrinkle-Fighting properties that help Fade Age Spots & Prevent Fine Lines and Wrinkles and keep the Skin Youthful

Treats Acne
Banana Powder is an excellent remedy for treating Acne & Pimples

Lightens Dark Spots
Whether it’s Acne Scars, Tiny Moles, Age Spots, or Dark Spots that make your face dull, you can reduce them & even out by applying Banana Powder

Help Skin Glow
You can bring back the lost glow using Banana Powder Facial Pack to maintain the Natural and Youthful Glow of the Skin

Foot Care
The Moisturizing property of Bananas can be used to get rid of Cracked Heels

Reduce Puffy Eyes

Help Remove Dead Skin Cells
Prepare a Banana Powder Scrub along with Sugar to Exfoliate your Skin. The Banana will Moisturize the Dry Skin while the Sugar granules will get rid of the Dead Skin and leaves your Skin feeling new

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