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The Hunt for Miracle Ingredients for the Skin led to a Surprising Destination – Tomato! This Fruit (Yes, it’s a Fruit!) contains Wonderful Nutrients that can give you the Skin of your Dreams

Benefits of Tomato Powder for Skin

Brightens Skin
Tomato helps Even Out Skin Tone & Brighten the Skin Giving a Natural Radiant Glow

Tomato Powder+Sandalwood Powder+Wild Turmeric Powder

Reduce Excessive Oil
Tomato Combat Excess Production of Oil & Dirt & Balance your Skin’s Natural pH Level

Removes Dead Skin
The Enzymes in Tomato Mildly Exfoliate the Skin that Helps get rid of Dead Skin & Cleanses the Skin from deep within

Tomato Powder+Brown Sugar

Prevents Pimples & Acne

Delays Signs of Ageing
Tomatoes Combat Early Signs of Ageing such as Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Dark Circles, Pigmentation

Tomato Powder+Avocado

Youthful, Soft & Supple Skin
Tomato Stimulates the Production of Collagen & Elastin, which helps Enhance the Texture of the Skin & Improves Skin Elasticity, Keeping the Skin Soft & Supple

Tomato Powder+Yoghurt

Tightens Pores
Tomato works as a Natural Astringent that Shrinks Wide, Open Pores.This Reduces the Occurrence of Breakouts

Tomato Powder+ Multani Mitti+Lemon Juice

Relieves Skin Irritation
The Anti-Inflammatory compounds in Tomato Combats to Soothe Irritation & Calm the Skin

Tomato Powder+Cucumber

Treats Sunburn
Tomato Soothe Sunburnt Skin by Restoring the Dead Skin Cells & Promote Quick Recovery for Redness

Tomato Powder+Yogurt

Reduces Blackheads
Tomato Powder Removes Excess Oil & Dirt from the Skin Preventing Blackheads

Tomato Powder+Oats+Yogurt

Moisturizes the Skin

Tomato Powder+Aloe Vera Gel

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Available in 50g & 100g Jar




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