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There’s a New Green Powder in Town – MORINGA

Moringa Powder has become a Popular Addition to Skin Care Routine, Hair Care Routine & even as a Natural Dietary Supplement thanks to it’s Rich Nutrient Profile

Benefits of Moringa Powder for Skin

Glowing Skin
Moringa Powder can be used as a Face Pack mixed with Fuller’s Earth or Sandalwood Powder & Honey & applied on Face for a Smooth, Glowing & Blemish Free Skin

Reduces the Signs of Ageing
The Nutrients help Delaying the Ageing Process and lowering the appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles. You can say Goodbye to Sagging Skin!

Rejuvenates & Repairs Dull & Dry Skin as it is packed with antioxidants, it Prevents Free Radical Damage

Protects Skin from Harmful Ultraviolet Rays of the Sun

Treats Acne & Dark Spots-Due to its Antibacterial Properties, Moringa Powder is helpful in Preventing Acne Breakouts on Skin. It also helps in removing Blemishes, Dark Spots, Pimples & Blackheads

Heals Wounds
The Antiseptic Properties of Moringa can be used for treating Skin Cuts, Wounds, Abrasions, Burn Marks, Bruises, Skin Infections, Rashes & Insect Bites

Benefits of Moringa Powder for Hair

Aids In Keratin Formation

Stimulates Hair Growth

Provides Nutrients To Hair Follicles

Aids Improved Hair Growth & Nourishment

Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

Boosts Stamina

Controls Diabetes


Lowers Cholesterol

Controls Blood Pressure

Detoxifies Your Body

Treats Minor Infections

Improves Immunity

Get Your New BFF – Moringa Leaf Powder from #KAMASRILANKA Today


Available in 50g & 100g Jar




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