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Licorice – ‘Mulethi’ or ‘Walmee’ in Sinhalese is considered one of the World’s Oldest Herbal Remedies used in Ayurveda & Cosmetics. Licorice Powder can give your Skin, Hair & Health some Serious Love

Benefits of Licorice Powder For Skin

Skin Brightening

Licorice + Orange Peel Powder + Honey + Lemon Juice

Controls Excess Oil

Licorice + Multani Mitti + Orange Peel Powder + Lemon Peel Powder + Honey

Prevents Acne & Pimples

Licorice + Gram Flour + Yogurt + Sandalwood Powder + Honey + Milk

Radiant & Natural Skin Glow

Licorice + Rice Water + Amla Powder + Rosewater + Milk

Helps to Even Out Skin Tone

Fades Scars, Blemishes & Dark Spots

Licorice + Kasturi Manjal + Rice Flour + Lemon Juice + Rose Water

Natural Skin Whitening

Licorice + Manjistha Powder + Sandalwood Powder + Honey + Rose Water

Treats Sun/UV Damage

Licorice + Cucumber Juice + Aloe Vera Gel

Prevents Hyper Pigmentation

Licorice + Multani Mitti + Gram Flour + Aloe Vera Gel + Honey

Reduces Visible Signs of Ageing

Skin Lightening

Licorice + Sandalwood Powder + Rose Water + Lemon Juice

Soothes Inflamed,Irritated Skin

Licorice + Red Sandalwood Powder + Rose Water

Boosts Dull skin

Benefits of Licorice Powder for the Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

Prevents Hair Fall

Treats Dandruff

Prevents Premature Greying

Improves Scalp Health

Treats Sun-Induced Hair Damage

Hair Mask

Licorice + Amla Powder + Henna Powder + Egg + Curd + Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Licorice Powder

Remedy for Cough, Cold & Sore Throat

Improves Oral Health

Boosts Immunity

Aids in Weight Loss

Improves Metabolism

Improves Skin Health

Fights Inflammation

Relieves Gastitis

Licorice Tea

Licorice Powder + Ginger Powder + Tea Leaves + Milk + Sugar/Honey

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Available in 50g & 100g Jar




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