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Henna/Mehndi is the Go-To Ingredient for almost every Natural Hair Care Enthusiast. But did you know that Henna can do a lot more than just Color your Hair?

Benefits Of Henna/Mehndi Leaf Powder

Maintains Scalp Health
Henna helps improve & maintain Scalp Health with its cooling, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. It helps soothe the aggravated & itchy scalp while also treating issues like dandruff, scalp irritation, & other fungal infections

Balances Oil Production & pH Levels
Henna is an excellent ingredient for balancing & controlling excess oil production and the pH of your scalp helping strengthen the hair follicles

Promotes Hair Growth
Henna prevents split ends, reduces hair damage, & boosts scalp health. This in turn, curbs hair fall, hair loss & boosts healthy hair growth

Repairs & Strengthens Hair
Henna is extremely nourishing, which helps repair damage in the hair shaft. It also improves hair elasticity & strength, which keeps your hair from breaking off. This also helps repair & prevent split ends

Conditions Hair
Henna is a Conditioner that keeps hair moisturized while removing excess sebum

Enhances Hair Color
Henna is a well known natural hair dye/color, but it can also improve your hair’s natural pigment and prevent premature graying of hair

The Art of Henna/Mehndi Painting
For centuries, Henna/Mehndi – The Art of Henna Painting on the Hands and Body has been believed to bring Love, Good Fortune, Prosperity, & Protect the wearer against evil

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