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When Life gives you Mint Leaves-Add them to your Mojito for that Extra Zing! Of course, you can do that! We have a Better Suggestion – for which you will thank us later

Mint is an abundant source of Menthol and has Strong Antibacterial Properties. It is often used in Cleansers, Astringents, Conditioners, Lip Balms, Toners, & Moisturizers etc. Mint holds a Prominent Place in Beauty, Skin and Health Care

Benefits Of Mint Leaf Powder For Skin

Brightens Complexion
Mint has an Extremely Refreshing and Soothing Effect. This leaves your skin looking Bright & Refreshed

Treats Acne
The Strong Antibacterial & Cooling Properties Effectively Controls the Secretion of Oil, Preventing Acne while Cleaning your Pores

Soothes Mosquito Bites & Other Irritations

Tones & Hydrates Skin
The Astringent Properties in Mint Tones your skin by Removing Dirt from your Pores & Refines them to leave a Smoother, Softer & Well-Hydrated Skin

Gets Rid Of Blackheads

Rejuvenates Skin
Mint Rejuvenates & ensures that your skin is Healthy, Well Nourished & Damage-Free

Great Exfoliator to Remove Dead Skin Cells

Reduces the Signs of Aging

Lightens & Removes Acne Scars

Get Rid of Under-Eye Dark Circles

Benefits Of Mint Leaf Powder For Hair

Stimulates Hair Growth & Treats Hair Fall
Mint Leaf Powder mixed with Virgin Coconut Oil can be used to Treat Hair Fall and Stimulate Hair Growth

Treats Dandruff

Great to Treat Oily Scalp

Benefits Of Mint Leaf Powder For Health

Consume Mint Leaf Powder as a Therapeutic, Cooling, Refreshing, Aromatic Caffeine-Free Tea or Drink

Get Your Cooling-Aromatic-Therapeutic Mint Leaf Powder from #KAMASRILANKA Today


Available in 50g & 100g Jar




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